Training Centre for Tourism (HLA)


The 5-year Training Centre for Tourism (HLA) provides students with a higher level of general and specialist training and also allows them to go on to study for a degree at a University or a University of Applied Sciences. It connects to the 8th Austrian School year, providing educational training for tourism managers and is completed by taking the Austrian Secondary Education Completion and/or Diploma Examination (Reife- und Diplomprüfung). In addition to foreign languages (English, French or Italian), and intensive business administration, this pathway also provides sound knowledge of the tourism and leisure industries.

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Naturwissen- schaften
Tourismus, Wirtschaft und Recht
Gastronomie und Hotelerie

The Training Centre for Tourism (HLA) provides the following optional subjects to choose from in the third year and above:

  • Entrepreneurship (Enterprise and Management)
  • 3 modern foreign languages


Training as a Tourism Manager:

Completing the following apprenticeships:

  • Hotel/Hospitality Assistant
  • Restaurant Specialist
  • Cook
  • Travel Agency Assistant

The technical qualification required by the Trade, Commercial and Industry Regulation Act (GewO) to start a hospitality business is satisfied by certification of successful completion at the Training Centre for Tourism. Successful completion takes the place of the entrepreneur examination. In addition, we also cooperate with the Tyrol Chamber of Commerce to enable students to take the Apprentice Training Examination (Lehrlingsausbilderprüfung) so that our alumni leave school with a complete package and able to meet all the prerequisites to enter professional life.


Summer Internship:

Students complete an 8-week practical placement in a tourism business during the summer months following the first, second, third and fourth years. In the higher classes, it is recommended to do this practical placement abroad in order to perfect their foreign language skills.

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Admission Requirements:

To join the Training Centre for Tourism (HLA), you must be at least 14 years of age and have successfully completed the 8th Austrian school year. You can find more specific details in the tables below. The admission examination for all of our schools takes place in early July.

Aufnahme 5-jährige Höhere Lehranstalt
Ausgangsschule Aufnahmeprüfung?
AHS nein
Neue Mittelschule: Vertiefte Allgemeinbildung in allen drei Pflichtgegenständen nein
Neue Mittelschule: Grundlegende Allgemeinbildung in einem Pflichtgegenstand ja oder Vorlage Beschluss Klassenkonferenz
Neue Mittelschule: Grundlegende Allgemeinbildung in zwei bis drei Pflichtgegenständen ja
Hauptschule 1. Leistungsgruppe nein
Hauptschule 2. Leistungsgruppe mit "Sehr gut" oder "Gut" nein
Hauptschule 2. Leistungsgruppe mit "Befriedigend" ja oder VorlageBeschluss Klassenkonferenz
Hauptschule 2. Leistungsgruppe mit "Genügend" ja
Hauptschule 3. Leistungsgruppe ja - Deutsch, Englisch, Mathematik
Polytechnische Schulen nein
Ausländische Schulen ja - Deutsch, Englisch, Mathematik