The boarding house tutors, led by Carina Falk, are available at any time to help students with their studies at the school. They are always there to discuss private matters, too. The boarding house offices sometimes get very crowded, as people often come here to chat and catch up over a cup of tea in the afternoons.

Peaceful coexistence is made possible by a number of rules which boarders are required to follow. These are listed in the General House Rules. To avoid disappointment when the exam time comes, students are supported with their studies in their daily study times for English, Italian, French, Accounting and Math.


Head Tutor
Carina Falk, BA
Tel. Girls’ Boarding House: (+43 512) 292413-32 // Fax: (+43 512) 292413-34
Tel. Boys’ Boarding House: (+43 512) 292413-51 // Fax: (+43 512) 292413-56