We like to enter our very best students to compete for medals, and they usually bring one back. We are passionate about developing talent and, as you can see, our students certainly don’t have to hide themselves. A selection of them are displayed in our Walk of Fame – and anyone who has ever visited VILLA BLANKA will know about it.

You can read more about our students’ achievements in our Blog.


March 2018: MONIN-Studentscup 2018 – Neusiedl am See
– Silver medal overall ranking: Marina Geisler, Denise Patsch, Daniel Engl (Trainer: OSR J. Kölbl),
– Gold medal Szigeti-Competition (Daniel Engl)
– Gold medal Knowledge-Check (Denise Patsch)
– Silver medal Knowledge-Check (Marina Geisler)
– Price for loyalty and innovation

Feber 2018: Couvert d’Or – Tablewareculture-Competition – Stuttgart
Gold medal for Katharina Perger and Laura-Marie King (Trainer: Fachvorstand W. Mucher)

Jänner 2018: Appointment as GenussSchule
Appointment of VILLA BLANKA GenussSchule of  Genussregion Österreich (Region of enjoyment)

Jänner 2018: Federal competition for sustainable tourism – World tourism day
2nd  place for project Group of Mrs. OStR Prof. Kirchler


November: AEHT Conference Ostend
3rd place Elena Oberhoeller (Restaurant Service)

October: Cheese Challenge Bad Ischl
2nd place for Sophie Weissengruber and Armin Abenthung

April: Zipfer Zapfmasters State Final (Beer Tap Masters Competition by Zipfer Brewery) at VILLA BLANKA
2nd place for Marlena Allinger-Csollich

March: Gastronomy Competition in Kraków (Małopolska)
1st place by Katharina Perger and Maximilian Hiltpolt (Service)
2nd place by Ladina Wyss (Cooking)
3rd place by Tamara Plattner (Cooking)


October: AEHT Conference London
1st place: Vanessa Kofler (Bar Cocktail)
3rd place: Florian Martycz (Front Office)

October: Austrian Cheese Expert National Final
Gold and Austria-wide winners: Jennifer Geisler (3B) and Elisabeth Madreiter (3A) with their Supervising Teacher Christian Tabelander

May: International Competition of the Rovagnati Academy for Food Experience
2nd place out of 200 of the most prestigious cookery schools in Europe for Jonathan Rappold (4ALS) and Kai Birmanns (4BK) with Head Chef Peter Mitterer

April: Zipfer Zapfmasters National Competition
1st place: Fabian Lhota (2AK)
3rdplace: Patrizia Huber (2AK)

April: State Foreign Languages Competition
1st place: Marco Metz (HLA 5B) in multilingualism in English and Italian

March: National Foreign Languages Competition
1st place: Marco Metz (HLA 5B) in multilingualism in English and Italian
2nd place: Matthias Kraler (5BK )in Italian