Villa Blanka


Altogether about 300 students attend VILLA BLANKA. Approximately 40 teachers train them on a wide range of subjects.


10 good reasons why VILLA BLANKA is one of the best tourism schools:

  • Ranked one of the top 10 tourism training institutions in the world (ranked by Falstaff magazine)
  • 3 different training pathways: 3-year Secondary Vocational College for Tourism and Hotel Management (HFS), 5-year Training Centre for Tourism (HLA) and 3-year Advanced Training Course (AL)
  • Practical training in Kitchen and Service on the highest level, including cookery master classes
  • Tourism and Business training as a basis for a career in the tourism and leisure industry around the world
  • The most up-to-date IT classes: 130 computer workstations are provided in 4 computer rooms, plus all 3rd, 4th and 5th-year Training Centre for Tourism (HLA) classes are laptop computer classes
  • Foreign language training: English, French and Italian. In addition, it is possible to attend special educational provisions for gifted students in the upper years, and they are encouraged to take examinations to obtain international language certificates
  • Personal development, projects and interdisciplinary teaching are all incorporated into the training in order to strengthen students’ sense of responsibility and initiative
  • COOL classes (cooperative open learning): Each year one class of the Training Centre for Tourism is conducted as a COOL class
  • Practice-Oriented Teaching: Through the summer internship and numerous assignments outside the school and the VILLA BLANKA Café-Restaurant, there is an enhanced link between teaching and practical work. Lectures by practising experts, excursions and site visits plus projects with commercial partners make the teaching lively and practical
  • Free afternoon tutoring: 1st and 2nd-year students have access to a special service. They can attend remedial lessons at the boarding school for the following subjects: German, English, Italian, French, accounting, information management, office management and math. It is also possible for external VILLA BLANKA students to attend these remedial lessons