How can I apply to Villa Blanka?

In the Application Process section, we take you step-by-step through what you need to do to enrol with VILLA BLANKA. Here you will also find Information Material and you can download the registration form to complete and send back to us.

How much does training at Villa Blanka cost?

The school/tuition fees go up to €170.00 and the materials fees for Kitchen Management and Service Studies, including lunch, are €150.00 (combined this makes €320.00/per month, nine times per academic year). In practice that means you get a fantastic, freshly-cooked lunch every day and your parents don’t have to give you any pocket money for food. Also, the food ingredients used in practical sessions are covered by the materials fees. And then you get top-quality training on top of that.

Why do I have to pay to go to this school?

VILLA BLANKA Tourism Schools are run as private schools in compliance with public school regulations. Since the school association has to cover all of the associated costs, the school charges the following fees. It is a worthwhile investment in the future as the school offers the leading private training for tourism professions.

What will I be able to do after my training?

Depending on the particular training at VILLA BLANKA, you will complete your Matura exam, with which you can go to university, plus a variety of apprenticeship certificates e.g. as a cook, hotel/hospitality assistant, restaurant specialist of travel agency assistant.
So you can proceed straight from the school into the world of work, or you can begin a university degree – including great employment prospects.

Do I have to do a practical internship in the summer? 

Every summer our students do an 8-week practical placement in a tourism company. That’s why the summer holidays are a whole month longer at VILLA BLANKA. Students are absolutely free to decide what sort of practical placement they do and where in the world they do it.

How do I find a place to do my practical internship?

We are approached on a daily basis by companies offering us their vacancies. So you don’t need to worry about whether you will get a practical placement: VILLA BLANKA students are respected and in demand everywhere.

Are there accommodations nearby?

The extensive grounds of VILLA BLANKA Tourism Schools Innsbruck consist of a girls’ boarding house and a boys’ boarding house. The schools and boarding houses are located in a park, a 15 minutes walk from the historic city centre. Therefore, students live and learn in an atmosphere that helps their motivation and commitment. You can find out more about the boarding houses here. 

Any questions still unanswered?
Please send us an e-mail at: office@villablanka.com.