International Certificates


ACCUEIL Examinations

The ACCEUIL examinations were developed by the Thun Hotel Management School (Switzerland) in partnership with the Swiss Hotel Association and are offered at various levels. They cover the entire spectrum of language skills required in catering, hospitality, travel agencies and tourism organisations, and comprise written elements (correspondence, reading comprehension, etc.), listening comprehension (telephone) and speaking (small talk, customer consultation, information, advising, selling, etc.). Learn more at www.accueil-language.com.

The examinations can be taken within our school because four of our teachers are certified as examiners for all levels.

The exams for English take place at the end of the first semester and the exams for French are before Easter. Students who are successful receive a certificate separately listing all the modules passed.

Cambridge Examinations

We can also offer preparation for the CAMBRIDGE Examinations within the school.

Our teacher is certified as an examiner but the exams are held externally (WIFI).

Preparation for the exams in early June, which must be held on the same day worldwide, commences in the second semester. The exams are made up of four components which are assessed separately, and the diploma is only attained when passing all four components: Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking.

Clida Examinations

The CLIDA examinations are recognised by the UNIONE LATINA and are supported by the Italian Board of Trade and the Austrian Chamber of Commerce. The written examinations take place at the various different schools all over Austria on the same day in early April.

VILLA BLANKA is an authorised assessment centre, with one of our teachers certified as an examiner.

The oral exams are held three to four weeks later, also at VILLA BLANKA, with examiners from Florence and Austria. Successful candidates receive a certificate from the “Dante Alighieri Language Centre” in Florence. Find out more at www.clida.it.