School and Boarding Fees


Your future career is now a step closer. A worthwhile investment in the future – the leading private training for tourism professions.

VILLA BLANKA Tourism Schools are run as private schools in compliance with public school regulations. Since the school association has to cover all of the associated costs, the school charges the following fees. The school and boarding fee is an annual fee spread across the months of the academic year (9 months in the Training Centre for Tourism (HLA) and the Advanced Training Course (AL), 8 months in the Secondary Vocational College for Tourism and Hotel Management (HFS).

School and Tuition Fee € 170,--
Materials fee for Kitchen Management and Service Studies, including lunch € 150,--
Total 1 € 320,--
Boarding School
Breakfast / Supper € 140,--
Accommodation and educational support € 220,--
Total 2 € 360,--
School and Boarding (per month of the academic year) € 680,--

For funding/support, you may apply for the following stipends:

  • Federal State Stipend: 9th Austrian school year
  • National Stipend: 10th Austrian school year and above (including school events)
  • Stipend from the Brotherhood St. Christoph