Tourism Schools


VILLA BLANKA is one of the top tourism schools in the world. The private school was established in 1950 in a location high above the capital city of Tyrol, Innsbruck. It is the oldest tourism school in Tyrol, and as a private school in compliance with public school regulations, it offers extensive theoretical training with a highly practical approach. This educational mission can be implemented perfectly because the sponsoring association (the Tyrol Chamber of Commerce and the Catering and Hotel Trade associations) enables collaborations between school and business in both theory and practice.

Four-Pillar Model

 Practical Training

  • Kitchen Management and Organisation
  • Restaurant and Beverage Expertise
  • Business Practice
  • Nutrition

Language Training

  • German
  • English
  • choice between French
  • or Italian

Business and Tourism Training

  • Accounting, Business Management
  • Tourism Marketing and Customer Management
  • Training Concentrations (Entrepreneurship, 3rd Modern Language)
  • Law
  • Office Management, etc.

General Education

  • History and Culture
  • Tourism Geography
  • Science and Food Technology
  • Math (only HLA and AL), etc.