Weihnachtsaktion Jugendrotkreuz

Auch heuer wieder organisierte OStR Prof. Mag. Georg Feiersinger mit unseren Schüler/innen die Weihnachtsaktion für das Jugendrotkreuz Tirol für Bedürftige in und rund um Innsbruck.

Hier der Bericht von Prof. Feiersinger:

Our students!
Every year we organise a charity event supported by the Red Cross. It is meant for people in need in and around Innsbruck.
This year we managed to collect money and a great variety of items that people might need. Our students at the Villa Blanka have proven once more their commitment to social issues and responsibilities. They made generous contributions in packing nearly 20 Christmas  parcels and decorating them accordingly.
I would like to express my gratitude to all those involved.
With kind regards